• Some comments from previous clients
    Some comments from previous clients.

From Mervyn Martin, Select English:

I am writing to thank you for your help to Select English in the acquisition of Angloschool, Crystal Palace.

The acquisition of any school or company, as you know, is fraught with hurdles, major or minor that have to be jumped, quite often with a view to completing the acquisition by a certain deadline. ELT Acquisitions were very helpful in working with us as the buyer and Angloschool as the seller in successfully negotiating all these items and completing on time as well as being very professional in their approach. For this we are most grateful.

From P Harris-Deans, former proprietor, St Peter’s School of English:

Having just sold my business through ELT Acquisitions, I would like to say how pleased I was with the service I received…I would have no hesitation in recommending ELT Acquisitions to anyone interested in selling their business.

…and from John Bendall, new proprietor, St. Peter’s School of English:

Thank you for all your support and guidance in purchasing St. Peter’s School. The school is ideal…Please do keep in touch.

From David King, Lilian Bishop School of English:

…Peter Dewhirst played an important part in the negotiations and his role of intermediary and “honest broker” eased the discussions and helped both sides when the deal looked to be in difficulty. His knowledge and experience in the worlds of both running schools and of the property market enable him to provide information and advice that is invaluable for both buyer and seller.

Lilian Bishop Ltd would like to thank ELT Acquisitions for the assistance given in this very successful business deal and we will use them again for future business.

From Justin Quinn, Swandean/CES School of English:

When Centre of English Studies wanted to expand into the UK I sought the advice of ELT Acquisitions. I told Peter what I was looking for and what my parameters were. He came back with a number of suggestions and when I decided to move forward Peter was available at all times to help, assist and answer any questions that I had about the process. ELT Acquisitions helped CES in the acquisition of Swandean School of English Ltd and thus to move forward into an exciting new future. I will certainly be using the service of Peter and ELT Acquisitions again in the future.

From Rosalind Armutcu, Oxford House College:

ELT Acquisitions were instrumental in my school’s purchase of the former Bell School premises in Oxford.

We were in competition to buy the leases and I was aware that ELT Acquisitions had to achieve the best price for the Bell organisation. The sale auction was handled with even-handed professionalism, allowing Oxford House College the time and opportunity to make an offer which subsequently proved successful. I would fully endorse ELT Acquisitions.

From Steve Brent, Director, IH London:

Although we have never actually bought a school through ELT Acquisitions, we have been impressed by the help and very constructive advice they have provided when we have been considering a purchase. As the only specialist ELT school broker, their insight into the state of the market has proved invaluable and I would recommend them unreservedly.

From Chris Wright, school owner, Portugal:

When I first contacted ELT Acquisitions, although I was impressed by Peter Dewhirst’s directness and professionalism, I was frankly sceptical as to whether they would be able to find anyone interested in our small and out-of-the-way school. There was, however, no way that we were going to economically reach a large number of widely scattered potential buyers by direct advertising. Moreover the service ELT Acquisitions provides is unique so we decided to go ahead. Needless to say we were delighted when, within a matter of days of providing them with details, Peter put us in touch with someone interested in buying. Within three weeks, we had visited the potential buyer, they had travelled to Portugal to see the school and the deal was agreed.

With many thanks.

From Nicholas Ward, Oxfordshire:

Thank you so much for your help in the process which led up to last Monday’s sale…You can chalk this down as a success for ELT Acquisitions.

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