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    The specialist English language school acquisition agents.
Do you want to buy an English language school?
Are you looking to expand your existing ELT business?
Or are you considering selling your language school?

ELT Acquisitions can help you explore these options and others in complete confidence.

An introduction to our services

ELT Acquisitions offers a specialised service for people or businesses wishing to buy English language schools. We have an expert knowledge of this market and operate on your behalf in the strictest confidence. ELT Acquisitions act for you to find the right deal, negotiate the best price and provide commercial advice on buying in this highly specialised area.

We have been buying and selling language schools successfully on behalf of our clients since 1998. If you are interested in buying an English language school, we would be pleased to hear from you to confidentially discuss your requirements and options.

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Our expertise

English language schools are rarely advertised and there is extremely little information about private language schools for sale. School owners who are interested in selling quite rightly do not want this to be public knowledge as they risk losing their staff and the confidence of their agents.

Because of this it is extremely difficult to get a clear and accurate picture of which EFL/ELT schools are available and at what price. ELT Acquisitions offers specialist expertise to help buyers understand this market in granularity, presenting them with the best options for their requirements and guiding them through the buying/negotiation process.
Buying a language school

Buying a language school

Are you looking to buy an English language school? You may wish to add to an existing portfolio of schools or start a new venture in the industry. We can help you find the right businesses. We will proactively search the market for you, provide expert advice and find you a language school that meets your requirements.


Selling your language school

Selling your language school

Are you interested in selling your English language school? Many owners prefer not to make it public knowledge that they are considering selling their language school. The more buyers you approach the more likely that your staff, and possibly your agents, will find out before you are ready to announce your plans. If you are thinking of selling your language school, please contact us for a highly discrete, no-commitment discussion.


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